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Oliver Page Oliver.Page at scisys.co.uk
Thu Jun 13 11:30:03 UTC 2019

Hello Mehran and The MP Group

Firstly, I have to report to the UKSA on what we've been doing, which is part of the reason they sponsor me to be on the group with you lovely people.

They'd like know (politely) who's on the group, and who they represent - where I've met and spoken to most of you, I don't think I have complete coverage of these details. Could you help me out with some info? In return, I'll make you very slightly famous with the UKSA - which is never a bad thing. I've assembled a list of what I can remember, there are a few question marks, and I'm sure there are probably other members of the group I've not met (perhaps someone from China, Japan, India, Russia who just hasn't found us yet...?)

Basic info for UKSA report on activity

Name/second name, agency (company if applicable), role on the group, 'other role'

Oliver Page, UKSA (SCISYS), 'Observer'
Mehran Sakarati, ESA/ESOC chair...
Marc ???, CNES?, 'Deputy Chair'
Guile Buenadicha - ??, ??
Michele Zundo - ??, ??
Peter Van Der Plas? , ??, ??
Roger Thompson,  ??, ??
Maria ?? , DLR?, ??
Christophe ??,  DLR??, ??
Robert Frew, ESA/ESAC, TGO Mission Planning?
Hayley, Chris - Eumetsat
Michael Rubin, JPL? (He never showed up, I think).

(Or if there's an official list, maybe someone could tell me where there is).

Secondly, I think our next teleconference is on the 30th July at 13:15 UK time (I guess 14:15 CET). Before then if anyone would like to speak to me about any issues we discussed in Mountain View, please do!

Oliver Page

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