[Moims-mp] Location for the meeting of the MP&S WG during the Spring 2019 CCSDS Technical Meetings

Mehran.Sarkarati at esa.int Mehran.Sarkarati at esa.int
Mon Jan 21 12:55:41 UTC 2019

Dear WG members,

As mentioned during the last MP&S WG Web-ex, please find attached the 
information about the location assigned by NASA to our WG for the next 
Sprint Technical Meetings.

In case of questions, please contact the CCSDS secretariat.


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Dear Mehran,
We have reserved a meeting room at the Quality Inn & Suites at NASA Ames 
for the MP&S WG. The room is reserved for Monday-Thursday. The Quality Inn 
is about 2.25 km walk from the conference center and there is a public bus 
route with stops close to the Quality Inn and conference center; a bus is 
scheduled to run every 14 minutes. I have begun to compile relevant data 
in this map: 
and will continue to add information as the meetings approach. I have 
changed the permissions for the map, but if you cannot access it, please 
let me know. 
I know this arrangement is far from ideal and I will do everything I can 
to facilitate a positive meeting experience. Please let me know if you 
have any concerns.
Best regards,
Michael Blackwood
CCSDS Secretariat
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