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One step forward ....

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Dear CESG Members,

Six new CESG polls have been posted to the CWE:

- CESG-P-2018-05-001 Approval to publish CCSDS 350.5-G-1, Space Data Link 
Security Protocol?Summary of Concept and Rationale (Green Book, Issue 1)
- CESG-P-2018-05-002 Approval to publish CCSDS 356.0-B-1, Network Layer 
Security Adaptation Profile (Blue Book, Issue 1)
- CESG-P-2018-05-003 Approval to publish CCSDS 508.0-B-1 Cor. 1, 
Corrigendum 1 to CCSDS 508.0-B-1, Issued June 2013
- CESG-P-2018-05-004 Approval to release CCSDS 354.0-R-1, Symmetric Key 
Management (Red Book, Issue 1) for CCSDS Agency review
- CESG-P-2018-05-005 Approval to publish CCSDS 529.0-G-1, Mission Planning 
and Scheduling (Green Book, Issue 1)
- CESG-P-2018-05-006 Approval to publish CCSDS 524.3-B-1, Mission 
Operations?Message Abstraction Layer Binding to HTTP Transport and XML 
Encoding (Blue Book, Issue 1)

The closure date for these polls is 21 May 2018.

NOTE TO CC RECIPIENTS: Only Area Directors and Deputy Area Directors vote 
on CESG polls._______________________________________________
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