[Moims-mp] Fw: Preliminary Meeting Schedule for the fall 2018 CCSDS Technical Meetings

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Mon Jun 4 11:04:05 UTC 2018

Dear MP&S WG members,

In the current schedule of the Fall meeting,  MP&S WG has been scheduled 
from Monday pm to Thursday am.

This is done by the CCSDS Secretariat and we are asked for confirmation or 
request. As usual there seems to be limitations with the rooms.

I will send a request to reschedule MP&S WG from Tuesday am till Friday 
am. Please let me know if you have any objections by the end of this week.

Kind Regards

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Date:   31/05/2018 18:40
Subject:        Preliminary Meeting Schedule for the fall 2018 CCSDS 
Technical Meetings

Dear CCSDS Area Directors and Working Group Chairs,
Attached to this message is the preliminary meeting schedule for the fall 
2018 CCSDS Technical Meetings. Due to high demand for meetings on Tuesday, 
Wednesday, and Thursday, Working Groups scheduled to meet for seven or 
more half day sessions have had one meeting session removed from the 
schedule to meet our room requirements at DIN. I expect that most, if not 
all, of these missing sessions will be included in the final schedule as 
plans for joint meetings and cancelled sessions are finalized. I am aware 
that this is an inconvenience for all effected groups and will do my best 
accommodate any scheduling requests you may have. Please reply to me with 
requests, feedback, or approval for your groups by 29 June 2018.
I am also trialing a new layout for the meeting schedule. I would be happy 
to receive any feedback you may have.
Best regards,
Michael Blackwood
CCSDS Secretariat
W: 301-837-3901 | michael.blackwood at asrcfederal.com
7515 Mission Drive, Seabrook, MD 20706
ASRC Federal | Customer-Focused. Operationally Excellent.

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Thank you.

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