[Moims-mp] Clarification for XMM phase in today's teleconf

Guillermo.Buenadicha at esa.int Guillermo.Buenadicha at esa.int
Thu Jul 26 13:49:57 UTC 2018

Dear all:

Clarifying the reference to phase in XMM planning request: Hope it helps.

The form offers four different sections, labeled as: 
• ”XMM-Newton Revolution” 
• ”Absolute Time (UT)” 
• ”Phase” 
• ”Comments” 
The first three sections are exclusive. This means that you can fill in 
only one section at a time depending on the kind of time constraint you 
want to use. Inputs can be made either in the ”Earliest Revolution” and 
”Latest Revolution” input fields (where relative times are required) or 
the ”Earliest Start Time” and ”Latest Start Time” input fields (where 
absolute times are required). The allowed input range for both is given in 
the documentation for the current AO. Input values for ”Latest Revolution” 
have to be equal or greater than ”Earliest Revolution”. Input values for 
”Latest Start Time” have to be equal or greater than values of ”Earliest 
Start Time” plus one hour. A specified range can also be left open at the 
minimum or maximum side or both (to allow for non-fixed repetitions) using 
the ”Any” button. 
There is also the possibility of repeating an observation, specifying the 
number of repetitions Repeat x ”times” (0-98), the period every x 
”orbits/days”(1-999 rev., 0.42-999.99 days) and the ”tolerance” (1-998 
rev., 0.04-period days). For the special case of observations related to 
orbital phases the third section of the ”Time Constraints” page offers 
additionally the possibility of specifying the ”Reference time for Phase0” 
in UT format YYYY.MM.DD.HH.MM.SS, the ”Period” (0.4200-366) in days, the 
”Phase” requested, and finally the ”tolerance” in days.

Guillermo Buenadicha, SCI-ODE
Euclid SOC System Engineer
European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC) ESA 
Villanueva de la Cañada, Madrid, SPAIN
Phone  (34) 91 813 12 70
guillermo.buenadicha at esa.int

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