[Moims-mp] Draft MPS Information Model Diagrams

Roger Thompson roger.rocketbrain at btinternet.com
Thu Nov 2 01:28:59 UTC 2017

Dear All,


I have uploaded an RTF file "MPS Information Model Draft A" to the MPS WG
Google Drive area.

This contains a dump of all the diagrams I currently have in the Enterprise
Architect model.

It appears the document cannot be viewed correctly in Google Docs, so I
recommend downloading it and opening with Word.

I will investigate alternative export options for the future.


I have Enterprise Architect on my laptop and will bring the full model with
me, so that I can present and update it during the meeting.


It has taken me a little while to set up the general structure, data types,
etc., (as well as re-learn Enterprise Architect, as I had most recently been
using Cameo) so this is not yet a complete view.

There are some diagrams detailing relevant aspects of the MO Common Object
Model and associated Object Patterns for COM Activities and COM States.

I have added a diagram defining the concept of Arguments and how these
relate to Definition/Instance/Template objects.


There is a representation of the high-level Information Model for MPS that
we have in the Green Book.

I have defined a set of base Data Types for use in the MPS model.  This
includes notes covering various types of Expression.

I have also incorporated and updated the versions of the Planning Activity
and Constraints diagrams I previously did in Draw.io.  I have added another
diagram expanding on Constraints giving example sub-types for Temporal and
Sequential constraints.


If the approach used meets with approval, then I will in due course extend
to cover:

-          Other Planning Items:  Events, Resources and [Global] Constraints

-          Planning Containers:  Plans and Planning Requests

-          Additional Constraint Types


Look forward to seeing you all in The Hague.





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