[Moims-mp] Mission Planning and Schdeduling Green Book for WG Review

Peter.van.der.Plas at esa.int Peter.van.der.Plas at esa.int
Thu Mar 16 15:20:56 UTC 2017

Dear WG,

Please find attached the "almost final" draft of the Mission Planning and 
Scheduling Green Book. The text of the Google on-line document has been 
converted to the CCSDS style and formatting, with various language, 
grammar and spelling issues corrected.

If you have any comments on the document, please record these in your copy 
and send it to me, such that I can merge it into the master document 
later. Note that the CCSDS Green Book template is still in an older 
version of Word (.doc), so please save it in Compatibility Mode in order 
to not cause any of the CCSDS styles to be modified.

We can discuss the document in general and any specific issues you have, 
during the WG WebEx next week, i.e. Wednesday March 22nd at 16:30 CET. The 
intention is to have a final update of the document ready by the last week 
of March, and then send it for approval/publication to our MOIMS AD.



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