[Moims-mp] CCSDS Mission Planning and Scheduling Green Book on Google Drive

Mehran.Sarkarati at esa.int Mehran.Sarkarati at esa.int
Mon Dec 14 15:20:21 UTC 2015

Dear all,

As agreed at Darmstadt meeting, I have uploaded a draft and almost empty 
version of our Green Book on Google Drive:

The Green Book has already the agreed Table of Contents and the related 
chapters; C&P the introduction from the approved WG Concept Paper and I 
have added a list of Terms under chapter 1.5.

We can review together the list of terms during our web-ex on Wednesday, 
add or remove terms so that we have an agreed list of terms to be defined 
by the GB. 
Until our next Web-Ex in Jan, every WG member is welcome to provide 
alternative definitions for the same term. At the Jan Web-ex we can review 
the all provided definitions and aim at consolidating them to have one 
agreed definition per term.

When editing the document, please make sure that you are logged in with 
your Google account, so that the changes can be traced. 
Please use Blue colour for adding text and start with [your name:] before 
your text. 

I had also taken the action to create a template for capturing the MP use 
cases in a unified matter. I have unfortunately not finished it yet but 
hope to have it ready by Wednesday.

Kind Regards

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