[Moims-mp] Announcement of the Mission Planning Services BOF on Friday 14 November at CCSDS 2014 Fall Technical Meetings in London, UK

Mehran.Sarkarati at esa.int Mehran.Sarkarati at esa.int
Tue Aug 5 17:40:48 UTC 2014

Dear all,

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Following the two successful "Call for interest in Mission Planning 
Service Standardisation" meetings (*) at the CCSDS Spring and Fall 
technical meetings in 2012, the CCSDS MOIMS area director has approved the 
proposal of initiating a Mission Planning Services Bird of a Feather (BOF) 
at the next CCSDS 2014 Fall technical meetings in London. In CCSDS 
terminology, a BOF is pre working group that is tasked with preparatory 
work which, if successful, would allow the creation of a new working 

We would like to announce the creation of this new BOF and invite you to 
participate and support it. The BOF will meet on Friday 14 November 9:00 
-17:00 in London and also via web-ex.

We shall organise a web-ex in preparation for the BOF in September. The 
details shall follow later on in a different email.
We have attached for your consideration the approved BOF proposal.

Roger Thompson (UKSA) & Mehran Sarkarati (ESA)

(*) The material collected at these meetings is available at:


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