[Moims-dai] Reminder of Skype call today (Tuesday)

david at giaretta.org david at giaretta.org
Tue Sep 20 09:27:45 UTC 2022

Meeting: 10:00 Tuesday (Washington DC time), 1500 UK time, 1600 Paris time. 


If you do not receive a notification from Skype then please join it by
clicking the link: https://join.skype.com/ykyu5SIPhSnD


*Don't have Skype yet? Download it before you join  <https://www.skype.com>


Draft agenda:

Review of agenda 

1.	Preparations for CCSDS meeting in Toulouse - have you registered?
Needed even if attending virtually.
2.	CCSDS/ISO - issue resolved and Secretariat will be forwarding OAIS
to ISO - when Plenary arrangements are completed. ISO 16363 and ISO 16919
will be ready to go to ISO at the same time as OAIS.
3.	Work on OAIS-IF prototyping, design and book structure

a.	Work on OAIS-IF design, prototyping and book - Steve and Ari will
show a demonstration of their prototype 
b.	WHITE BOOK FROM Steve - he may sent out updated document/diagram
c.	The latest version of the draft GB -
and%20Requirements-20220913.docx?dl=0 -  this has the modifications to the
proposed JSON serialization of an Information Package.






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