[Moims-dai] Agenda addition - Question from Peter Shames about RASIM

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Tue Oct 25 08:30:57 UTC 2022

Looking at RASIM https://public.ccsds.org/Pubs/312x0g1.pdf there are quite a
few incorrect statements about OAIS which need to be corrected.

That would imply option (2) would be the one to go with.

Any thoughts?




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Subject: A question for DAI WG, re SEA RASIM GB


Dear David and DAI WG,


A while back we had some sort of exchange about the status of the SEA
Reference Architecture for Space Information Management (RASIM) Green Book
(attached here for reference).  As I recall you wanted it to be updated, or
at least reconfirmed, so that you could safely reference it for DAI WG
purposes.  I expressed an interest in supporting this and suggested that a
simple reconfirmation was about all that we could manage given the workload
from the RASDS++ and SCCS-ARD documents, both of which are huge and rather


Do you still wish to see this occur?  If so, would a simple reconfirmation
meet your needs or do you believe that there are essential updates to this
document?   You do recall, of course, that this was developed as a joint SEA
IA WG and MOIMS DAI WG document.


1.	If a simple reconfirmation will work please indicate your support
for that approach.
2.	If this will not really meet your needs, please indicate just what
changes you think are needed to meet your needs.


If option 1 works I think we could then proceed directly to reconfirmation.
If option 2 must be invoked that will be harder to accomplish.  I would
propose that we hold a joint SEA SAWG / MOIMS DAI WG working session to flog
out any identified issues.  


Please let us know by 4 Nov what your position is on this.


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