[Moims-dai] Drawings and images from DIA meeting in Toulouse

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I have tried to redraw one of the key hand-drawn diagrams, and explain what
is meant.


The COMMS I/F is a way to allow us, in version 2 of OAIS-IF, to use part of
the CCSDS SM&C MAL - MAL allows one to use a variety of other comms
protocols including Space Link. 

The COMMS I/F also allows REST to be used between GA and GA, OR between the
GA and SA - which would be useful for use of Cloud resources; however it
should also allow, for efficiency's sake, an "In memory" connection between
SA and GA.


The Switchboad and Registry Resources (RRORI is Regisrty/Repository
Representation Information) are essentially properties files which contain
the information required, but COULD also have the name of a specialised
archive which can use the rest of OAIS-IF to obtain information needed.


Since dealing with the Switchboard and Registry can be done in a common way,
these connect to the Generic Adapter (GA).

However the information is really dealt with in the SA - so we need an
appropriate GA/SA interface.


The Sprecific Adapter (SA) is the only thing which knows enough to serialise
the various objects, so JSON is created or consumed in the SA, which is sent
between SA and GA. JSON is shown here as the serialisation, but XML is an
alternative serialisation - however then, to allow interoperability, the SA
would need to be able to either transform between JSON and XML OR deal with
them both.


We show a limited set of methods "getDataObject" etc for the SA to
communicate with the native (Archive or Consumer) software. However there
must also be a native interface which we cannot/do not specify.


Steve/ Mike/ Roberta- is this right?







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