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Is this of interest to anyone?




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Subject: Reminder: Blockchain and the Future of Digital Culture






Image © Hideki Tsukamoto: Singularity #761, 2021, ZKM | Karlsruhe  


Blockchain and the Future of Digital Culture


26 May 2022, 17:00 (GMT+3.00) Istanbul











 <https://101029.io.directiq11.com/hit?sid=9qw3klsv30mnteepw&linkid=2&link=a1211e53fc3b4793aec39bed3a262c13> Prof. Erkay Savaş, Sabancı University, Faculty Dean of Engineering and Natural Sciences




Re-engineering of Internet for Security, Privacy and Trust with Blockchain


Blockchain is a foundational as well as disruptive technology that can be instrumental for meeting challenges posed by rapidly changing economic and social systems. To take full advantage of this impressive technology, we must first understand what it is, how it works, what it really offers, and how we can use it to transform our current digital infrastructure, which has apparent fundamental shortcomings. In this talk, we will try to answer these and other germain questions by offering a non-specialist exposition of its theoretical substructure. Then, we can briefly introduce a specific application of the blockchain technology that can contribute to the solution of security, privacy, trust and identity management in the cyberworld. 






 <https://101029.io.directiq11.com/hit?sid=9qw3klsv30mnteepw&linkid=3&link=96a12986c4c044ee9e199e2d50791554> Prof. Jon Ippolito, University of Maine




Crypto-Preservation and the Ghost of Andy Warhol


This talk focuses less on blockchain’s general promise as a preservation medium and more on the particular case of the digital Warhols, which both in form and spirit would seem a perfect application of NFTs to preserve historically important works of digital art. Which promises of the crypto-dream of permanent access to digital heritage ring true for this case study, and which are overblown?






 <https://101029.io.directiq11.com/hit?sid=9qw3klsv30mnteepw&linkid=4&link=7db5035d2593480d8e64b6fc6b9d64b1> Assoc. Prof. Selçuk Artut, Sabancı University




The Art Scene Increasingly Turning into a Technology and Asset-Driven World


There has always been a bilateral interplay between Art and Technology at various levels of participation throughout history. At every step, technology has created new mediums, tools, and themes to expand artists' creative expression. However, it is frequently observed that in today's works of art that employ new technology, excessive praise for technical components given during the creation or presentation of the artwork may risk overshadowing the artwork's discursive essence. In addition, absolute reliance on technological means brings with it the potential danger to the preservation of such works of art in the face of technological loss. This session will focus on the issues that arise when we rely heavily on technology to create art. 






 <https://101029.io.directiq11.com/hit?sid=9qw3klsv30mnteepw&linkid=5&link=d7237ed923424eda87535a62922363d2> Daniel Heiss, ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe




It's Not About the Money: Blockchain From the Museum Perspective


In this talk Daniel Heiss will focuses on Genesis of ZKM Crypto Collection, On-chain / Off-chain NFTs, Management of NFTs in the museum context,  Concepts for ownership and rights in the context of NFTs, Pitfalls for museums in dealing with Crypto.






Sakıp Sabancı Museum - Sakıp Sabancı Caddesi No 42 Emirgan, Istanbul

Tel: 0212 2772200 Fax: 0212 2294914



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