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Other observations of the plenary.  this (below) was Mario Merri's chart on
DAI activity.  No green book mentioned. we should get our doc tree
straightened out in the framework, so others will know about the great work
going on in DAI.  


Mario also emphasized that the ISO problem was a big one for DAI because of
our customers outside the space agencies.  And he also stated that the DAI
documents were the most downloaded (actually, that's no longer true... only
second-most downloaded.)  



Also, upcoming face-to-face meeting plans:  


Fall 2022 by CNES in Toulouse.

Spring 2023 by NASA in Huntsville AL

Fall 2023 by ESA/ESTEC in the Netherlands

Spring 2024 by NASA unknown location (Same for all following spring

Fall 2024 by UKSA unknown location (probably London)


   -=- Mike


Mike Kearney

Huntsville, Alabama, USA 


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At the CCSDS Plenary an interesting fact came out. The TERRESTRIAL GENERIC
FILE TRANSFER https://public.ccsds.org/Pubs/927x1b1.pdf uses XFDUs as its

We may have talked about this in the past but I must confess that I had



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