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Tue Jun 7 17:01:01 UTC 2022

I've tried to update the BB Fig 4 chart based on conversations from today.
See attached.  


Main thing was to get the interface numbering consistent with our other
charts.  I've included those other charts (unchanged) after the BB Fig 4
chart in this file.  


I also fixed the treatment of the Serialization and Protocol interfaces as
we discussed in the meeting today.  However, I also went a step farther by
putting them inside the Interface 2 box instead of the Generic Adapter box.
That's following Steve's lead (I think) when he emphasized that we're
building specs for the interfaces, not for the adapters (executables).
Steve, correct me if this doesn't reflect that correctly.  


I also tried to follow Steve's lead on making blue book stuff blue and green
book stuff green.  Adapters are discussed in the (informative) green book,
interfaces are defined in the (normative) blue book.  


I also added some text below the figure that are the main points about
interfaces versus implementation, and JSON/HTTP/Rest as default
specifications.  These don't go in the BB figure, but I felt like they were
needed in the PPT as this figure may be used in other presentations.  


Relating the WG discussion to chart 2, I think the way we should
characterize it is that in the PICS-Proforma (for the OAIS-IF BB), interface
2 will be mandatory, interfaces 1 and 3 will be optional.  It's probably
best to also put a statement to that effect in the text of the blue book.  


Comments/Corrections welcome.  Discussion in the telecon next week.  


   -=- Mike


Mike Kearney

Huntsville, Alabama, USA 


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