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AMIA’s Digital Asset Symposium (DAS) invites proposal submissions for
presentations for DAS 2022 to be held online March 30/31, 2022.
DAS highlights the digital technology side of the collections, workflows,
and systems we work with as 21st century media professionals. In addition,
DAS often includes presentations on the cultural components of rich media
and preservation - from filmmakers who utilize archival media to powerful
effect to cultural institutions engaged in relevant preservation projects -
highlighting the digital technologies utilized.
DAS always likes a story about a real-world implementation, as well as
primers into relevant and upcoming technologies. DAS is always looking for
what’s new, but the following are areas of special interest:

   - Cutting-edge digital archival technologies (previous talks have
   included DNA-based data storage and microscopically-etched glass as
   potential archival data media)
   - Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/Deep Learning (AI/ML/DL)
   - Blockchain, shared ledger, and proof of work technologies
   - Media Asset Management (MAM) and workflow automation systems, both
   internal and public-facing
   - Linked data/semantic metadata/triples
   - Cloud and hybrid infrastructures and platforms, including those
   supporting geo-disparate workforces and user bases
   - New forms of rich digital media (e.g. AR/VR), with an eye toward
   archival & preservation issues
   - Significant digitization, archival and preservation projects,
   utilizing state of the art processes and technologies

We urge proposers to use DAS presentations as an opportunity to include new
voices and offer diverse viewpoints.
Your presentation proposal should include speaker name(s), a short
description of your presentation topic(s).
Send proposals to dasprogram at amiaconference.com.
Send Proposal <dasprogram at amiaconference.com>
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