[Moims-dai] Information needed for CCSDS Technical WG meeting in Toulouse

david at giaretta.org david at giaretta.org
Thu Aug 11 11:53:44 UTC 2022

I have been asked by the Secretariat to provide the following information by
17th Aug:


*	Who is meeting?: CCSDS MOIMS DAI Working Group
*	When would you like to meet?: e.g. Starting Monday Afternoon and
Ending Wednesday Afternoon.
*	Estimate of the number of In-Person Attendees?: e.g. 5


Please let me know whether you plan to attend in Toulouse, and for how long.

The meeting will be hosted by CNES at the Mercure Hotel (+ extension at the
nearby Novotel). CCSDS  Technical WG meetings (5 days ) : October 17 to 21







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