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Subject: Re: [EXTERNAL] CCSDS policy on software


Hi David,


I know that the CSS guys (and possibly others) are using, or have wanted to use, Github to manage some of their models, support software, and other artifacts.   There is a desire to add some sort of CCSDS sponsored server, but for now I think they are using  ESA or NASA paid services.  Let’s start a thread on that with Erik and Holger in the loop, I added them here.  IMHO it is worthy of further discussion.


As for publishing a Java code API as part of a Blue Book, that’s not the way this works.  If you want to publish a protocol interface spec, one that defines actual PDUs, info models, and behavior, and peer to peer interactions in some unambiguous form, then that would fit into a CCSDS Blue Book as these are defined.   You can look at the Nav standards or at the CSS SM standards for XML data format examples.  You can look at the CSS Area SLE and CSTS specs for protocol and PDU examples, or at any of the link layer specs.  I would not recommend the MOIMS SM&C specs because they are far too complicated, layered, and abstract.  Something simpler, that directly leverages HTTP/REST, would be my recommendation.


CCSDS does publish some API standards, but these are defined to be Magenta Books.  The CSS/SLE set of specs includes some of these.  These are classed as MB, rather than BB, because they really only offer portability of software and do not guarantee interoperability in the general case.  Unless, of course, you offer a software package on all of the possible OS platforms and EVERYONE uses that package.  I classify that as “conditional interoperability” since it only really works if everyone uses the same software package.  Contrast that with a proper protocol spec where it does not matter what OS, or language, is used to do the implementation, the interoperability comes from strict compliance of all implementations with an unambiguous spec.  All of the Internet works this way and all of the formal CCSDS protocol specs do too.


I hope this clarifies these concerns.  Happy to discuss further.


Cheers, Peter



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Subject: [EXTERNAL] CCSDS policy on software


Mario, Tom, Peter


In DAI we are beginning to develop some initial prototype java code and realized that we were not clear whether there was a policy about “CCSDS blessed” software, in particular for interface specifications which would be part of a BB.

For example we thought that “org.ccsds.oais….” would be a likely package structure, and a CCSDS owned repository in GITHUB a likely place to put it. 

However we cannot find guidance on this and https://public.ccsds.org/Lists/Software/AllItems.aspx <https://urldefense.us/v3/__https:/public.ccsds.org/Lists/Software/AllItems.aspx__;!!PvBDto6Hs4WbVuu7!bggzS9SDEQHkBj9NaVqNbI5haQgQB75Vt95lSl4T0zMkmNZMXLY-TPDti_HeeIa7msk4YpU$>  does not lead to any examples.

If there is no policy then I guess we will use GITHUB under NASA and ESA etc, with org.ccsds.oais… as the package structure for now.


Any help will be much appreciated.





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