[Moims-dai] HETS (was Re: Orientation telecon)

Terry Longstreth terry.longstreth at comcast.net
Fri May 14 21:47:31 UTC 2021

In a wide ranging discussion this morning, lead by Mike Kearney, and 
including  Rob Rovetto , John Garrett, David Giaretta, and I, we 
explored the background and history of MOIMS-DAI and its place in the 
CCSDS (and ISO, and AIAA, and OMG) hierologies.  Rob is interested in 
Ontology and related topics, and I had encountered him indirectly 
through online attendance at various sessions of the Ontology Summits 
<http://ontologforum.org/index.php/OntologySummit>.   Mike was familiar 
in general with OMG produced, space related standards, but was unaware 
of the OMG work on ontology management represented by the DOL, 
Distributed Ontology Language 

DOL syntax and processing are available for study in a reference 
implementation called HETS <http://www.hets.eu/> from the 
Otto-von-Guericke-Universität, Magdeburg, Germany.  HETS  was developed 
and is currently maintained under the direction of Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. 
Till Mossakowski, for an Ontology development and integration tool set, 
and has been continuously updated and now includes support  for 
inter-mixing ontologies (and other models) as well as test and 
evaluation tools.


On 2021-05-12 5:49 PM, kearneysolutions at gmail.com wrote:
> I volunteered to help a new member (Rob) get oriented on CCSDS.  We 
> have set up a telecon for Friday 5/14 at 1000 Eastern, 0900 Central US 
> time.  One of the other members asked to join, so we’ve set up a Skype 
> meeting for that time.  If you’d like to listen in, when it’s time, 
> click the link below.
> https://join.skype.com/NNZiQ9GzUfWn <https://join.skype.com/NNZiQ9GzUfWn>
>    -=- Mike
> Mike Kearney
> Huntsville, Alabama, USA
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