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Dear all,

since I see discussion related to interaction patterns, I invite you, if 
not done already, to consult the SM&C WG and in particular the MAL that 
has identified a set of generic Interaction Patterns. It would be very 
good to have the maximum synergy across WGs.

Many thanks,


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For completeness here is a copy of the email I sent to Mike commenting on 
his diagrams.
Hi Mike
Nice detailed diagrams ? we certainly need this level of detail.
What I meant about adapters was that, as I wrote in the GB, the adapter 
surely must depends strongly on the software it is connected to, and is 
independent on what is at the other end of the network. Hence the Consumer 
(not necessarily Designated Community of the archive being communicated 
with)  needs to obtain an adapter for its specific s/w. In the GB I gave 
an example of a pretty generic adapter for a type of archive. The OAIS-IF 
may talk to a registry which keeps copies of adapters for specific client 
software, but we would need to discuss that). So the OAIS-IF may know 
about some pre-prepared or generic adapters, but it would not be 
reasonable for the archive to have a whole set of adapters for everyone.
Also the basic communication between archive and consumer (to use specific 
names for the two ends of the communication) will need some ?out of band? 
communication i.e. not specified by the standard OR we say that it is, for 
example specified in the standard as a specific REST request i.e. we say 
that one needs HTTP on Port 80 to set up the communications.
My only other point is that there needs to be some iteration about RepInfo 
until either the consumer has enough ? which may pull RepInfo from other 
registries of RepInfo ? or else one gives up i.e. someone needs to 
?Research/Develop more RepInfo for data set X?, as you show in the 
diagram, but that must be for the Consumer side ? you show it for the 
I hope that helps.
However, I I mentioned, things will be clearer if/when we start 
implementations, as long as we recognise what our implicit assumptions 
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Subject: [Moims-dai] FW: [EXTERNAL] Interaction pattern discussion
Hi all,
Attached please find some Interaction charts draw by Mike as part of an 
offline discussion. We can discuss these today.
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Subject: [EXTERNAL] Interaction pattern discussion
Steve:  Here is my non-programmer writeup explaining the interaction 
patterns, in layman?s language, that I volunteered to send you today. Some 
of these were not addressed in your UML tool interaction pattern graphics, 
and maybe aren?t needed or desired.  But they just seem to be the dialog 
that we discussed.  Note that I started with the example that the adapter 
was not provided by the archive, but rather another source in the 
designated community.  A subset (the trivial example) would be where that 
source is actually in the archive. 
Also, I separated a discovery phase from a data exchange phase, and even 
separated the data exchange phase into two examples? consumer and 
provider.  You can keep or reject any of this. 
After I did this, I realized that I could have left the programmer calls 
over the arrows like you had (except I?m not capable of writing them) and 
had my ?layman?s language? explanation of each transaction off to one side 
in a ?notes? column.  I think a lot of the discussion today was people not 
understanding the labels on each transaction arrow, and it would be less 
ambiguous to add notes off to the side like my (occasionally 
tongue-in-cheek) transaction labels. 
David, we couldn?t really figure out what you meant by the adapters were 
between my concept and Steve?s concept.  So these charts may have the same 
problem for you that you briefly mentioned before. 
   -=- Mike
Mike Kearney
Huntsville, Alabama, USA 
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