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Kind of in the weeds, but one resource for exploring implications of 
Web/Cloud based repository management.


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New SNIA Swordfish and Native NVMe-oF Drive Specifications Available 
Download new SNIA standard and specification, access SDC EMEA videos, 
and more.
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*July 2021*
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*Hot News*

  *SNIA Swordfish^™ 1.2.2a Now a Storage Management Standard*

SNIA Swordfish^™ extends the DMTF^® Redfish Scalable Platforms 
Management API Specification to define a comprehensive, RESTful API for 
managing storage and related data services. It is expanding to include 
NVMe^® and NVMe-oF^™ enablement and alignment across DMTF, NVMe, and SNIA.

Recently approved by SNIA as an official standard, Swordfish 1.2.2a is 
now available for immediate download here 
Updates include:

  * New NVMe drive profiles and corresponding details added in the
    Swordfish NVMe Model Overview and Mapping Guide
  * A new Swordfish Property Guide to easily look up property definitions
  * DMTF Redfish references

Download Swordfish 1.2.2a Now 

Learn more about SNIA Swordfish and access developer resources at 

  *Native NVMe-oF™ Drive Specification v1.1*

The growing popularity of NVMe^® and NVMe-oF storage has resulted in the 
development of Ethernet-connected storage devices, herein referred to as 
Native NVMe-oF Drives and subsystems supporting this standard interface. 
This document specifies the interfaces to these devices.

Download the Native NVMe-oF™ Drive Specification v1.1 

  *SDC 2021 – Register for $95*

Registration for SDC 2021 is now open. SDC will be virtual again, but 
the content for the storage developer community will be as great as ever.

Register Today for $95 

  *SDC EMEA 2021 Sessions Available*

Missed SDC EMEA 2021? All the sessions are now available on the 
SNIAVideo YouTube Channel 
<https://snia.us7.list-manage.com/track/click?u=b421c01fc38e58ca8bdccc0be&id=3cd0e5eca1&e=e3275a3209>. Watch 
great sessions like this:


“The Network is the Computer Revisited”
presented by Christopher Hertel, Samba team.

*Featured Events*

  *Sponsorships for SDC and SDC India*

SNIA’s Storage Developer Conference (SDC) and SDC India are rapidly 
approaching. See the many sponsorship options available to get in front 
of this unique audience.

*SDC (Virtual)* 
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Sept. 28-29 – *Sponsorships 

*SDC India (Virtual)* 
<https://snia.us7.list-manage.com/track/click?u=b421c01fc38e58ca8bdccc0be&id=fada8fd285&e=e3275a3209> - 
Aug. 5-6 – *Sponsorships 

*Featured Blog*

Confidential Computing is an architectural approach to security that 
uses virtualization to create a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). Get 
answers to some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding 
Confidential Computing in this new blog.

Read the Confidential Computing FAQs 

*Featured Podcast*

*End To End Data Placement For Zoned Block Devices 

by Marc Acosta, Western Digital

*Upcoming Webcasts*

*How to Easily Deploy Confidential Computing* 
*July 28, 2021*
Steve Van Lare, Anjuna; Anand Kashyap, Fortanix; Michael Hoard, Intel

To counter the ever-increasing likelihood of catastrophic disruption and 
cost due to enterprise IT security threats, data center decision makers 
need to be vigilant in protecting their organization’s data. 
Confidential Computing is architected to provide security for data in 
use to meet this critical need for enterprises today.

This webcast provides insight into how data center, cloud and edge 
applications may easily benefit from cost-effective, real-world 
Confidential Computing solutions. This educational discussion will 
provide end-user examples, tips on how to assess systems before and 
after deployment, as well as key steps to complete along the journey to 
mitigate threat exposure. Learn:

  * What would it take to build-your-own Confidential Computing solution?
  * Emergence of easily deployable, cost-effective Confidential
    Computing solutions
  * Real world usage examples and key technical, business and investment

*Extending Storage to the Edge - How It Should Affect Your Storage 
*August 25, 2021*
Erin Farr, IBM; Vincent Hsu, IBM; Jim Fister, The Decision Place

Data gravity has pulled computing to the Edge and enabled significant 
advances in hybrid cloud deployments. The ability to run analytics from 
the datacenter to the Edge, where the data is created and lives, also 
creates new use cases for nearly every industry and company. However, 
this movement of compute to the Edge is not the only pattern to have 
emerged. How might these other use cases impact your storage strategy?

This webcast will focus on the following topics:

  * Emerging patterns of data movement and the use cases that drive them
  * Cloud Bursting
  * Federated Learning across the Edge and Hybrid Cloud
  * Considerations for distributed cloud storage architectures to match
    these emerging patterns

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– Virtual – July 13-14, 2021
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– Virtual – August 5-6, 2021

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