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Tue Jan 5 16:37:52 UTC 2021

Here are two things that I couldn't get across during our telecon, but I'll
forget them before next week (actually before 5 minutes) unless I write them


1.	Does "Null" mean the archive responds with:  

a.	A statement:  "Sorry, I don't have that data that you requested"
formed as an information package with the information of that statement?
b.	A statement:  "Sorry, I don't have that data that you requested" but
NOT formed as an information package?  
c.	No statement.  Something called "Null" which is non-responsive, but
not even a fully-formed statement?  
d.	Any of the above?  


2.	In the discussion about whether the AIP is "visible" at the
interface, David proposed the scenario where an archive is transferring its
contents to another archive, and he proposed that they might request
"complete AIPs" as part of that transaction.  Previously we discussed
whether we should specifically show archive-to-archive transactions, but we
concluded that we could meet the needs of the external archive simply using
the producer and consumer interfaces, so no special
"external-archive-specific" interface was needed for any given archive.
With David's scenario where an archive might request a complete AIP
containing object data and RI, does that mean we need to show
archive-specific calls?  And therefore, Steve's UML should show
archive-to-archive transactions, and an external box called an external
archive (different from a producer or consumer)?  


If on the other hand, the "complete AIPs" request might apply to consumers
also, then we don't need to specially show archive-to-archive transactions.
But in that case, in the green book, we should probably expand on how such
archive-to-archive transactions use the producer and consumer interfaces.  


We can discuss these either by email or at the next telecon.  


   -=- Mike


Mike Kearney

Huntsville, Alabama, USA 


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