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Sorry, I haven’t had a chance to go through the updated Green Book draft.


Just wanted to put my comment in that I really liked moving the communications piece off to the side of (or underneath) the other items.  We’ve been discussing that this past week and I think it clarified things quite a bit since the other pieces are all at the application layer and the communication are at a lower level.


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I added a new diagram to the end of the draft GB which I believe is essentially correct as a way to show adapters and bindings. I think it is reasonably consistent with Steve’s diagrams.




Figure 6‑3 illustrates the use of the various components described by the documents described in this section, where the client software (e.g. PDS, Astronomy or EO software tools) uses an Adapter with a specific programming language binding to create objects specified by the AAL. These objects are communicated through the Communications Adapter (shown here as being based on SPRING, REST or TCP, but others are possible). The Archive adapter, with a specific programming language binding converts the AAL objects into ones which the Archive Native Interface can use to obtain the required information from the Archive Internals.

Figure 6‑3 Illustrative software stack



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Meeting: 10:00 Tuesday (Washington DC time), 1500 UK time, 1600 Paris time


If you do not receive a notification from Skype then please join it by clicking the link:

 <https://join.skype.com/ykyu5SIPhSnD> https://join.skype.com/ykyu5SIPhSnD


*Don't have Skype yet? Download it before you join  <https://www.skype.com> https://www.skype.com



Draft agenda:

1.	Awaiting feedback from MOIMS AD on books

a.	Steve may send out updated docs
b.	Updated GB https://www.dropbox.com/s/l1r8x329dr27sgo/OAIS-IF%20Rationale%20Scenarios%20and%20Requirements-20210119.docx?dl=0 or Dropbox at CCSDS-DAI-Shared\Draft Documents\OAIS-IF Architecture Description\ OAIS-IF Rationale Scenarios and Requirements-20210119.docxMike wanted to discuss Misinformation and Archiving





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