[Moims-dai] R: Concept paper on OAIS/ISO16363 and CTS, FAIR principles and TRUST principles

Engel, Felix felix.engel at fernuni-hagen.de
Tue Oct 27 12:35:38 UTC 2020


... just a comment/proposal. From the tabular view it is difficult to see how the relations between the single units look like.
Maybe a visualisation (as attached) would be helpful? The visualisation was created with Neo4j and can also be used interactively.

All the best

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Subject: [Moims-dai] R: Concept paper on OAIS/ISO16363 and CTS, FAIR principles and TRUST principles

Hi David, Hi All,

As discussed last weekly call  I think the paper is a great idea and I like the concept paper you sent us.  I am glad to participate in the draft paper development.
In the attached version,  I have included some initial contributions that I hope will be useful.

Kind Regards,

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Oggetto: [Moims-dai] Concept paper on OAIS/ISO16363 and CTS, FAIR principles and TRUST principles

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We spoke about a concept paper mapping between OAIS/16363 and the CTS, FAIR principles and TRUST principles.
Here is my simple attempt at a draft of such a concept paper.

All comments/suggestions welcome.

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