[Moims-dai] Concept paper on OAIS/ISO16363 and CTS, FAIR principles and TRUST principles

david at giaretta.org david at giaretta.org
Sat Oct 24 12:20:52 UTC 2020

Hi Barbara


Glad you liked the draft - it was just my first attempt with the simplest


I was hoping to get to a point where the use of the term "metadata" can be
replaced by more precise terms. That way the FAIR and TRUST principles can
be made more testable/verifiable.


Also it may give us a few ideas about what could be added to ISO 16363 (and
even OAIS) in future. 


Let's see what others have to say.




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Dear David, dear all


This is a very clever idea! And I like your draft. I've added some thoughts
to it. 

Bbut I'm a bit worried that by too much "cut and paste" citations of the
right mapping, we might loose sight of what I would call "the spirit of
OAIS". As we cannot describe every possible situation in detail, it is
important to give people the right mindset to make their own decision in
case the principles are not detailed enough. This is something that perhaps
in the introduction can be explained further. There are things that cannot
be mapped to a particular phrase in the standards, but are clear from the
intentions why the standard was created.

One other point is that the original authors of the FAIR principles are
explicitly saying that their concept of "re-use" is focused on the re-use of
the data by humans and machines (https://doi.org/10.1162/DINT_R_00024) .
They do not mention a timeframe in which this should be possible. There is
no explicit reference to long term preservation. But obviously, if you want
to keep your digital data re-usable, this requires some form of
preservation, even if it is for a short term. Hence the TRUST principles,
where the repository takes care of the long term FAIRness. But as such, the
FAIR principles are of a different order than CoreTrustSeal, ISO 163636 and
OAIS, in my opinion.

I'm looking forward to more discussion about this!



Kind regards


Barbara Sierman

+31 6 44 67 49 06





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Onderwerp: [Moims-dai] Concept paper on OAIS/ISO16363 and CTS, FAIR
principles and TRUST principles


We spoke about a concept paper mapping between OAIS/16363 and the CTS, FAIR
principles and TRUST principles.

Here is my simple attempt at a draft of such a concept paper.


All comments/suggestions welcome.



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