[Moims-dai] Component Diagram - Consumer and Producer Application Update

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Hey, Dawei, glad to have your input in any form you can provide it.  


In the architecture concept, we have plug-ins or bindings that are specific to each archive (Science, Engineering, DNA, Geology are just examples) or in some cases to each data format (PDF, HTML are just examples).  If some archive wanted to have a “research” plug-in/binding that combined Science and Engineering, that would be perfectly OK.  But it is up to the archive to define the scope of each plugin that is needed to access their archive.  


The idea with some plugins being data formats rather than archive (designated community) specific was so that some commercial vendors can help the archive by publishing a plug-in for their complex software.  Like Adobe might produce a PDF plugin, Autodesk might publish an Autocad plugin, etc.  These would be supplemental to the main plugin needed for an archive.  So an engineering archive might say “for my engineering data you need my engineering plugin and Autodesk’s Autocad plugin.”  


We discussed your comment, and we think that Steve will change “Binding” on his diagram to “Binding Layer” and that will make it more clear that the box is not actually a binding, but a layer that can be composed of many types of bindings, with only a few examples shown.  


Does that address your comment?  


   -=- Mike


Mike Kearney

Huntsville, Alabama, USA 


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Hi Steve,

   Sorry that I have not been able to participate in the weekly calls because of a conflict of another regular call. 

   From the perspective of not knowing the context, I think that “research data” sounds more general than “scientific data” and “engineering data” in Component_Diagram_200518.jpg, which may be useful to describe a broad concept.  Also, depending on the definition of “Science Data”, it may need the same implementation of “Native Archive” as the “Engineering Data” does. But again, I did not participate in a lot of discussions, so what I said is entirely off. 

   Thank you,



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Subject: [Moims-dai] Component Diagram - Consumer and Producer Application Update


Hi all,


Attached is the latest version of a Component diagram that maps to Mike’s diagram. 




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