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I thought as part of reviewing our report to the CCSDS Engineering and
Steering Group (CESG) and the CCSDS Management Council (CMC) we might want
to have a view of our schedules - short term and long term.


I've update our integrated schedule spreadsheet to show some proposed

In accordance with the discussion last week's Skype meeting, I've added a
couple months to finish these documents up and get to the Red Books (drafts
for formal review).


Also since we're still working all of the current projects, I propose
putting off the planned projects by a year. 

This will allow us to get a bit farther along with the OAIS-IF (Data Archive
Architecture Design Document in the CCSDS Project Framework) before we start
work on the Producer-Archive Ingest Protocol (PAIP).

I've also taken into account that 5 year reviews and updates should be
planned for in our 10 year plan.

I assume that we will just be recommended most of our documents for
re-confirmation, but I'll add in the ones I expect we will want to update.


The Producer-Archive Ingest Specification (PAIS) and PAIS Tutorial will be
up for review and will likely be affected by or merged with the PAIP book.

So I've added update projects for them to the chart.

These updates will synchronize with the new PAIP work.


Also within 10 years, we will start 5 year updates of our current projects
(OAIS, ISO 16363 Audit Metrics, and ISO 16919 Audit Procedures).

I assume that there will be enough changes in archival technology and
archival issues and we will have enough new experience in auditing that we
will want to update these documents again.


Please feel free to provide comments and updates by email or at the Skype
meeting tomorrow.


I'm attaching 2 copies of the schedule - 1 with the updates projects mixed
in with the planned projects and 1 with the update projects separated out.


May there be peace in your life,



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