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Hi SteveWe probably will soon need to look also at other types of UML diagrams such as Component and Sequence to show different aspects of the system.One additional consideration is that OAIS has messages such as queries and requests which are not SIPs, which is why I focussed on IPs. In other words I am advocating that we treat even requests and queries as IPs.Finally, my diagrams are in terms of Interfaces (the programming use of that word) rather than Classes because Interfaces allow multiple inheritance for objects, and emphasise the essential methods required while avoiding implementation issues at this stage although these have to be addressed in due course.RegardsDavidSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.
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Hi all,
Attached are the latest set of UML diagrams. The diagram previously distributed has been partitioned into three diagrams to simplify discussion. The “mapping” class diagram in particular is similar to the UML
 interface diagram distributed by David. https://docs.google.com/document/d/14V0wN6nEnG2MaSMmNClRzuDrTxcB0zjv0XNw2pdYDI8/edit?usp=sharing

David’s InformationSender and InformationRequester are very interesting and seem to resolve a couple of issues.  I would also appreciate more discussion on the abstraction layer, plugins, etc.

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