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I think you're right that CCSDS should address long-term preservation of any
important data.

But they have been reluctant to discuss such issues.

The one long term commitment CCSDS MC made to keep a link to the OAIS Red
Book available (I think commitment was made to the Australian National
Library) was not upheld for much more than a year.

Still trying to get a commitment that when an issue of a CCSDS Standard is
replaced by a new issue, that a message is put up at the old location to
point to the new issues and the new location for the previous issue.


May you have peace in your life,



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DAI WG colleagues:  


I have been forwarded a link to the IETF's RFC on their digital preservation
approach.  This is for preservation of only their RFCs.  

RFC 8153   https://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc8153.html


It's an interesting read, notably:  


In section 2.3 they have a discussion of their "metadata".  


In section 2.7 they point to the DPC's Digital Preservation Handbook
(although their reference link is broken. I found it at
https://www.dpconline.org/handbook.  It's now https).  


An interesting conclusion at the end of section 3 (Conclusions) is:  

Since the overall model for the
digital archive maintained by the RFC Editor follows the OAIS
reference model, the associated audit guidelines should also be
followed.  While the RFC Editor does not seek to be recognized as
'OAIS-compliant' at this time, use of the ISO standard "Space data
and information transfer systems -- Audit and certification of
trustworthy digital repositories" [ISO16363
<https://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc8153.html#ref-ISO16363> ] would provide a
accepted method for structuring an audit for this digital archive.


The thought that came to me reading this is. why isn't CCSDS addressing
this?  What is the CCSDS Secretariat doing to insure long-term access to
CCSDS standards such as OAIS?  The preservation of the OAIS standards may
seem to be self-referential topic, but the question should be asked
nonetheless.  I recommend that we discuss this and prepare a statement to
forward to the CESG/CMC at the end of the next meeting.  


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my DAI WG colleagues!  


   -=- Mike


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