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Fri Aug 14 20:46:47 UTC 2020

I like the "informally preserving all the Pioneer data he could get his hands on"DavidSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.
-------- Original message --------From: kearneysolutions at gmail.com Date: 14/08/2020  21:37  (GMT+00:00) To: 'MOIMS-Data Archive Interoperability' <moims-dai at mailman.ccsds.org> Subject: [Moims-dai] Preservation story Here’s a good space program example in support of digital preservation.https://spectrum.ieee.org/aerospace/astrophysics/finding-the-source-of-the-pioneer-anomaly Preservation discussion is about halfway through, starting with “How could these questions be answered?” and also the very last paragraph.  Notice they needed housekeeping as well as science data.      -=- Mike Mike KearneyHuntsville, Alabama, USA  
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