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Hi David,

Thanks for the rapid reply.  Convenient to be in the same (almost) time zone.  I'll download and see if I can't review on the flight home tomorrow.

Cheers, Peter

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Subject: [EXTERNAL] RE: [Moims-dai] Access to the OIAS-IF Arch

Hi Peter

Steve can of course provide the details but he may be travelling at the moment therefore I can provide some basic information.

The documents are available in CWE at https://cwe.ccsds.org/moims/docs/Forms/AllItems.aspx?RootFolder=%2fmoims%2fdocs%2fMOIMS%2dDAI%2fDraft%20Documents%2fOAIS%2dIF%20Architecture%20Description&FolderCTID=0x012000C8EEDFBFAD59894AB84FF1AF9485D0AB i.e. MOIMS-DAI\Draft Documents\OAIS-IF Architecture Description

The file OAIS-IF Info Model Spec - index_0300-20191025.html  is an HTML Steve constructed from his overall ontology that covers bother the Interoperability Framework as well as some of the internals of

UseCase_Service_Mapping_191014.xlsx shows an analysis of some of the use cases we have been looking at.

02_White_Book_Recommended_Standard_OAIS-IF_Draft_190915 v5.4 MK-DG merge.doc is a Word document, most o which is created from Steve’s ontology but it has not been updated for several months except for the Introduction and Scope.


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Subject: [Moims-dai] Access to the OIAS-IF Arch

Hi David, et al,

Unfortunately I was unable to attend enough of your DAI WG meeting to hear about the OAIS-IF status.  Mario just presented status at the CMC meeting and reminded me that I would like to review this.

Would you please send me the doc or a link to where I can find it?  As you know, I think that this is a potentially very useful project, but I am concerned that it include sufficient well formulated technical content to be really useful.

Thanks, Peter

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