[Moims-dai] DAI Project schedules have been updated

garrett at his.com garrett at his.com
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I've updated the DAI WG Integrated Schedule that shows on one page DAI's
in-process, planned and completed document creation projects.


I've updated it (thanks to Mike for the original) to show the updated
currently planned dates for our current and future projects.  Of course
these are subject to change to speed up if we have more active
contributions.  Also continue to suggest new projects you think we should
put in our plan especially if resources to develop them can be identified.


As always, please feel free to point out any problems.


Peace and joy,



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As agreed at the Skype telecon yesterday, I have updated the DAI project

You can check on any CCSDS project schedules at any time via CCSDS CWE
framework by visiting


The four current DAI projects are found down the page listed under     2.01


To get to the new draft project to update ISO 16919  Guidelines for Bodies
Performing Audit .

Click on the "Projects not Approved" icon and the look under     2.01   DAI

We will submit this to CCSDS Management for approval next week at the CCSDS


Peace and joy,



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