[Moims-dai] Current draft of ISO 16363

garrett at his.com garrett at his.com
Tue Oct 8 16:20:37 UTC 2019

Hi All,


I've attached the current draft of the ISO 16363 update.

I've also added this draft to our dropbox folder.


During our Skype call today we closed SC#250 and started discussions
regarding need to add text to more clearly explain what Archives should say
when they want to include the "general public" in their Designated
Community.  Obviously some restrictions need to be specified as to how much
access and understanding of the data is to be supported by the Archive.
Usually something like saying access to the data is provided to general
public (in same format/protocols as available to the professionals), and
some limit to making the data understandable.  Certainly the implications of
the Space Physics data held at PDS is not going to be made understandable to
most elementary school students even when they get access to the data.


Anyway this draft is basis for future discussions.

The suggested changes and their status can be found at:


Latest update can be found by searching for SC#250 in the draft.


Peace and joy,


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