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Hi Bruce,

This is the draft update we just finished that addressed all the suggested updates we received over the past several years.


We proposed having concurrent CCSDS and ISO reviews.


The CCSDS Editor will generate (will likely a couple months) the document that will be sent out to CCSDS Agencies for formal review.  Each Agency could have their own process to gather and send in their Agency comments. For example officially each NASA center sends in comments to a NASA coordinator for this document and then the coordinator consolidates the comments and sends in a formal NASA comment.  I think CCSDS now has a web form to submit them, but I think they may still accept paper.  Each national Space Agency to have comment is also officially responsible for including any comments from their nation.  Although there is little opportunity/support for gathering such comments.


It will also be forwarded to ISO to have a Draft International Standard (DIS) review. Comments from each member nation are submitted via their representatives to the ISO committees on ISO forms.  (Previously this review took 5 months once the ISO version of the document was available.  I think it may have recently been shortened to 3 months, but don’t know that for sure.)


DAI WG will then need to provide a formal response for each comment.


And as far as I know the current review site is still open for comments.


Note hopefully any comments will be restricted to addressing content already in the draft document.  In my opinion, any proposals for new concepts or major changes should be deferred to next version (which we could start working on now if we wanted).

It’s important to get current version approved and published.


My current estimate of timeline for this draft

Formal ISO (and CCSDS) review has completed      July 2020


If there are any comments, then DAI WG will need to respond and another formal review by CCSDS and ISO are required.  The same process but shorter review times this time around.  Also for ISO review comments are more limited, mostly up or down on existing text other than just fixing typos, format, incorrect references, etc.

Following approval at this stage, the document will be published.  Probably about March 2021. 


Peace and joy,






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I have introduced the 5 year revision process to the Society of American Archivists Standards Committee.  Do you know yet what the content review and comment site will be?

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The PPT report from MOIMS to CESG states:


Open Archival Information System (OAIS) - 5y revision: approved by AD/DAD and ready for Agency Review


This was included in the PPT report from CESG to CMC.




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