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Yes, I agreed at the telecon that a change was made that said this about Representation Information (also over my objections).  I still contend that saying that about Representation Information does not mean that the same thing applies to other Information Objects like Descriptive Information.


However, I’m withdrawing my objection to saying that Descriptive Information is an Information Object.

I would prefer that not be the case, but it has been that way since the first OAIS version.


The same applies to Packaging Information.

Again I would prefer it not be an Information Object, but it has been noted as such since the first OAIS version.

However, should Overview Descriptions and Collection Descriptions also be Information Objects?


And if all these things are Information Objects, should we then have ISO 16363 metrics that require that archives show us the Representation Information that accompanies Descriptive Information and Packaging Information?

I think not.  We can probably continue to look at ISO 16363 as requirements for a TDR and meets the conformance requirements of OAIS section 2.2 Information Model (but not necessarily the OAIS section 4 Information Model)



Actually it is occurring to me now that the newly added paragraph about the simple statement for Representation Information is probably not correct, because Representation Information requires that you have Semantic Information and Syntatic Information along with optional Other Representation Information.  I guess you could consider the statement to mean that Semantics and Syntax are known by DC.  I still don’t like encouraging this behavior.



I had a few other comments coming on other proposed updates that I’ll also send before next weeks call.


Peace and joy,



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Hi John


I took an action to find the following text from the update of OAIS:  Representation Information

The Representation Information accompanying a digital object, or sequence of bits, is used to provide additional meaning. It typically maps the bits into commonly recognized data types such as character, integer, and real and into groups of these data types. It associates these with higher-level meanings: this includes the description of the, possibly complex, ways objects are interrelated (for example, Representation Information could indicate that three numbers represent temperature, latitude and longitude; and they are expressed in degrees Celsius and angular degrees; and they are interrelated in that the temperature is measured at the specified longitude/latitude).

The Representation Information accompanying a physical object like a moon rock may give additional meaning, as a result of some analysis, to the physically observable attributes of the rock. This information may have been developed over time and the results, if provided, would be part of the Information Object.

There will be special cases where, for a specific Data Object and a specific Designated Community, the Knowledge Base of the Designated Community is adequate for its members to understand or use the Data Object. In such cases the Representation Information could be the statement that no additional Representation Information is needed for that specific Designated Community at this time. Of course, the Knowledge Base of the Designated Community may change over time and additional Representation Information may then be required. In order to satisfy the Mandatory Requirements, the Archive should ensure that appropriate Representation Information will be available in future, for example details of specific software required or semantics, such as the meaning of spreadsheet columns, which are currently common knowledge. Therefore, any Representation Information that can be gathered at ingest should be included since it will likely be costlier to rediscover and add it at a later time.






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Meeting: 10:00 Tuesday (EST), 1500 UK time, 1600 European time 


Join it by clicking the link:



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General schedule:

Tuesday of the month


Technical Editor(s)


ISO 16363    Audit and Certification Metrics

John Garrett, David Giaretta


IPELTU Info Preservation Enabling Long-Term Usage

David Giaretta


OAIS-IF DAADD    OAIS Interoperability Framework – Digital Archive Architecture Design Doc

Steve Hughes


OAIS update finalization, Group administration, Planning, new projects, or special issues identified other weeks



OAIS update finalization, Group administration, Planning, new projects, or special issues identified other weeks




Draft agenda this week (1st Tuesday of the month):

1.	Status of OAIS v3 draft – see https://www.dropbox.com/s/78ll3rtmjdqkmrb/OAIS%20final%20v3%20draft%20with%20changes%20wrt%20OAISv2%2020190425_bbh_dg2.docx?dl=0. Responding with Brigitte’s comments
2.	OAIS-IF design document












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