[Moims-dai] Comments on OAIS near-final version

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Tue Mar 26 06:53:48 UTC 2019

Hi Mark,


I hope we can talk soon.

Your comments are disturbing.

I thought we had all made compromises and reached a consensus to make this change after many months of discussions last year.

That was over a year ago and we asked everyone at that time to open a new Suggested Change to address any issues so we could discuss  them as a group.


I expect that your stand on this means we will not be releasing a draft OAIS anytime soon.

We need to discuss how the process broke down.


Peace and (not much) joy (but wishing everyone much joy)



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I have only been able to make it a little over 1/3 of the way through (page 63!) this 150 page document.  As you will see, I have found a number of things that need to be corrected. There are particularly disconnects between the text and several of the Figures. I have also highlighted a few places that I think show inconsistencies in the CDO v Content Information discussion. I know those are out of bounds for this review, but I will raise them during the ISO review.


Unfortunately, I will not be able to participate in tomorrow's discussion as I will be driving to BWI airport at that time. Will catch up with you all next week.




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