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FYI. They are interested in articles on:

Data repositories

Data curation

Data reuse

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Subject: [Rdap] FW: [IASSIST] Reproducibility in Research - IASSIST
Quarterly special issue
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Apologies for cross-posting.  You need not be an IASSIST member to submit
an article for the *IQ*.


Managing Editor, *IASSIST Quarterly*

Michele M. Hayslett
(she, her, hers)

Librarian for Numeric Data Services & Data Management
Digital Research Svcs.

Davis Library, CB #3950

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, NC  27515-3950
(919) 843-6958
[image: ORCID iD icon]orcid.org/0000-0001-8783-2763
michele_hayslett at unc.edu

(Please contact me for a delivery address, e.g., for FedEx or UPS.)

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*Cc:* Harrison Dekker <hdekker at uri.edu>
*Subject:* [IASSIST] Reproducibility in Research - IASSIST Quarterly
special issue

*Reproducibility in research*

You are invited to submit a manuscript for a special issue of *IASSIST
Quarterly on reproducibility in research*. We encourage the submission of
both general background articles or case studies on any of the topics
listed below as well as articles demonstrating how data professionals may
advocate for and leverage our expertise to provide support for social
scientists conducting research.

·         Reproducibility

·         Replicability

·         Transparent reporting and reporting guidelines

·         Reproducibility guidelines

·         Questionable Research Practices

o    P-hacking

o    HARKing

o    Underpowered Studies

·         Preregistration and registered reports

·         Reproducibility as related to evidence synthesis

·         Data repositories

·         Data curation

·         Data reuse

Manuscripts must be submitted by October 31, 2019. This issue will be
co-edited by Harrison Dekker (hdekker at uri.edu) from the University of Rhode
Island and Amy Riegelman (aspringe at umn.edu) from the University of
Minnesota. Authors should adhere to *IASSIST Quarterly* instructions for
authors <https://iassistquarterly.com/index.php/iassist/about/submissions>
and upload manuscripts according to the *IASSIST Quarterly* submission
guidelines. When submitting make a note that you are submitting for the
special issue on reproducibility.


*IASSIST *(International Association for Social Science Information Service
and Technology) is an international organization of professionals working
with information technology and data services to support research and
teaching in the social sciences.

*IASSIST Quarterly *(iassistquarterly.com) is a peer-reviewed, indexed,
open access quarterly publication of articles dealing with social science
information and data services. ISSN: 0739-1137


Amy Riegelman (she, her, hers)
Social Sciences Librarian

University of Minnesota
aspringe at umn.edu

First-Generation College

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