[Moims-dai] Suggested changes to fix Packaging inconsistency

Maria Guercio mc9468 at mclink.it
Mon Jul 29 15:14:18 UTC 2019

Dear all
I would like to stress that I stronly agree with these changes. In 
Italy we use OAIS as a basis for our technical legislation on digital 
preservation of public administration records and we need a very 
consistent set of definitions  and related terminology, specifically 
with reference to SIP, DIP and AIP.
I must confess I was a bit confused (by using David expression) on the 
relation between Content Information and SIP. I think that changes 
made by David ensure adequate consistency now
All the best

A last minute inconsistency was pointed out a couple of weeks ago (by 
Mark I think). The issue was that we currently say that all packages 
must have Content Information. This would mean that all SIPs and DIPs 
would contain Content Information – which surely was not our intent 
since a SIP may contain anything (which may in the end contribute to 

It seemed that fixing this may require too much effort so we said we 
would leave it to next time.


However this inconsistency worried me – readers may have been confused 
- and so I had a go at putting in the required corrections – it turned 
out that there is a much smaller number of changes needed than one 
might have thought.


I accepted all previous changes in the document and removed all 
comments for clarity and then put in my changes with tracking. The 
document has been uploaded to the review site and is available at 
http://review.oais.info/attachment.cgi?id=56   in suggested change 




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