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Thought this might be of interest to some of you.

Mark Conrad

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Subject: [BigDataWG] NBDIF - Request for Public Comment
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*Request for Public Comment (Deadline: April 11, 2019)*

The NIST Big Data Public Working Group (NBD-PWG) requests public comment on
the draft version 3 of the *NIST Big Data Interoperability Framework
(NBDIF)*. All contributions and comments for the current draft are welcome.
The submission deadline is April 11, 2019.

The NBD-PWG is actively working to complete version 3 of the set of nine
(9) NBDIF documents. The goals of version 3 are to enhance the version 2
content, establish general interfaces specification between the NIST Big
Data Reference Architecture (NBDRA) components by aggregating low-level
interactions into high-level general interfaces, and demonstrate how the
NBDRA can be used.

To comment on these documents, please follow the steps below:

   1. Review NBDIF Version 3 draft documents at
   2. Record comments and edits to text in one of the following methods:
      1. *TRACK CHANGES:* make edits to and comments on the text directly
      into this Word document using track changes
      2. *COMMENT TEMPLATE:* capture specific edits using the *Comment
      which includes space for Section number, page number, comment, and text
   3. Submit the edited file (step 2) via email to *SP1500comments at nist.gov
   <SP1500comments at nist.gov>* with the volume number in the subject line
   (e.g., Edits for Volume 1).
   4. If possible, attend the weekly virtual meetings on Tuesdays for
   presentation and discussion of your submission. Virtual meeting logistics
   can be found at *https://bigdatawg.nist.gov/program.php

Please be as specific as possible in any comments or edits to the text. The
comments will be reviewed by the subgroup co-chair responsible for the
volume in question. Comments will be presented and discussed by the NBD-PWG
during the weekly virtual meetings on Tuesday.

Please contact Wo Chang (*wchang at nist.gov <wchang at nist.gov>*) with any
questions about the feedback submission process.

NBD-PWG: *https://bigdatawg.nist.gov <https://bigdatawg.nist.gov/>*
Virtual meetings: *https://bigdatawg.nist.gov/program.php

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