[Moims-dai] Reminder of Skype call tomorrow (replaces the Webex\tcall) and proposed restructuring of section 6

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Sorry to miss. I am at ipres.

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Subject: [Moims-dai] Reminder of Skype call tomorrow (replaces the Webex call) and proposed restructuring of section 6

Meeting: 10:00 Tuesday (EST) (1500 UK time, 1600 European time)

John has made a group on Skype for us to chat, share and collaborate.

Join it by clicking the link:


*Don't have Skype yet? Download it before you join https://www.skype.com

These are all the open issues so we need to resolve these to finalise the draft.
However, attendees should feel free to suggest ones to tackle first.

The discussions for each item must be time limited.

  1.  http://review.oais.info/show_bug.cgi?id=195 – Section Outdated Material. Please be sure to read the suggested text on emulation http://review.oais.info/attachment.cgi?id=46 .
  2.  http://review.oais.info/show_bug.cgi?id=135 (Outer OAIS – Inner OAIS model for Distributed digital preservation) was re-opened for further discussion.
As discussed last week at the MOIMS-DAI Skype call, I took the ideas I had previously circulated and have restructured the text in section 6 in order to clarify the relationship between the different arrangements of organisations described in this section, which was one of the main talking points in previous calls.
The attached file was created by accepting all changes in 650x0w2x1JGG20180821.doc and then removing the text from all but section 6. I did have to put some diagrams back in section 6 for some reason.
You will see that it is mostly a rearrangement of text existing in the draft, with some additional “glue” to try to show the relationship between the different options.
I moved the text from the last subsection into an earlier subsection and replaced it with a brief discussion about Technical Issues about interoperability. It may be useful to expand that a little in order to link to the document Steve is preparing.

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