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Hi John
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Hi all,

At the CCSDS meeting those present in person or via telecon approved a couple final updates to close out our considerations of the Suggested Changes. Since some interested parties were not able to participate, they agreed to hold open the changes until today’s telecon for a last check.

The remaining issues were an updated Section 6.1.6 (see attached)

Previously, definitions of PDI (and its related components) were redefined as related to the CDO rather than the Content as .  This definition is now:
Preservation Description Information (PDI): The information, which along with Representation Information, is necessary for adequate preservation of the Content Data Object and which can be categorized as Provenance Information, Context Information, Reference Information, Fixity Information, and Access Rights Information.

There is a concern that the change in emphasis were inappropriate and many would misunderstand the importance of applying those concepts to Content Information as a whole.
It was agreed to add the following  Note: immediately following the definition of the PDI term.
Note: Defining PDI (as well as its components - Provenance Information, Context Information, Reference Information, Fixity Information, and Access Rights Information) as relevant to the Content Data Object does not mean that those concerns are any less important for other data objects or at other levels, for example, it is important to apply fixity and provenance to Representation Information, or to Content Information or at the AIP levels. Definition of these terms as relevant to the Content Data Object is simply to ease discussion of these concepts at the Content Data Object level. In fact, long-term preservation is not possible without taking these concepts into concern for many other data objects within an OAIS.

These are the final two issues.
Updates for a number of the figures are agreed but are still pending generation of the new figures.  I’ll try to generate a list of needed figure updates shortly.
I’ll also provide a draft with all the updates applied shortly.

Peace and joy,
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