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Here is a document generated from Enterprise Architect just to illustrate an
idea for a hierarchy of use cases. 




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Subject: Ideas for Use Cases/Scenarios for OAIS-IF




Do these types of Use Cases make sense. I'd like a sanity check before going
any further.


NOTE: Consumer and Producer roles may be fulfilled by people, systems,
organisations or OAISes


Overall aim: Consumer should be able to use the OAIS-IF specifications to
create software which allows the following use cases to be implemented


1.	Consumer identifies Information wanted from the OAIS.

a.	The Information could be:

                                                               i.      AIP

                                                             ii.      Subset
of Content Data Object

                                                           iii.      Any of
the components of the related AIP e.g. Provenance

b.	Consumer may need to be authenticated

1.	Consumer gets DIP from OAIS

a.	Consumer may need to be authenticated and checked to have
appropriate authorisation
b.	DIP packaging information must be agreed
c.	Transmission protocol must be provided

2.	Consumer extracts Information Object (CIO, Provenance Object etc)
from AIP

a.	Consumer must have Data Object and at least the immediately required
Representation Information

                                                               i.      E.g.
for FITS file would need RepInfo which consists of FITS software plus
associated dictionary

1.	FITS s/w Information Object may consist of a Data Object which is
JAVA class, in which case its RepInfo might be a Java Virtual Machine

                                                             ii.      For
PDF just need a PDF viewer

4.	Consumer uses Information Object to perform Preservation Objectives

a.	Consumer have Data Object and its Representation Information
b.	Consumer can use the RepInfo to extract structural elements and
appropriate semantics from the data object

                                                               i.      If,
for example, the Information Object is Provenance Information then one
should be able to extract a list of events and for each event the agent,
time etc

NOTE: We may need to define simple interfaces for each of the PDI components

5.	Producer agrees submission agreement with the OAIS including SIP

a.	Need to exchange Information Object which consists of an agreement
b.	Alternatively this could be handled out of band i.e. not specified
in the OAIS-IF

6.	Producer sends SIP to the OAIS

a.	..

7.	..

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