[Moims-dai] Current OAIS draft attached

John Garrett garrett at his.com
Thu Oct 11 07:53:52 UTC 2018

Hi all,


I've attached the latest OAIS draft I have.

It shows agreements through the telecon this week.

We currently have a single SC#135 that is outstanding.

I think we agreed that most of the restructured Section 6 is in good shape
and only the examples in Section 6.1.6 were still a problem for some.  

A few people agreed to provide some updates to be discussed at the CCSDS
meeting this coming week and possibly in the telecon the following week.  At
that time we will need to come to a consensus or vote on the options and
move on.


Since this draft is close to complete, readers can start going through the
document to ensure that the document as a whole holds together and all the
individual updates have been correctly reflected in the document.  We hope
to read through the whole document within the next week or so to ensure it
is ready to be turned over to CCSDS for publication for review by the
community.  So please reply with any grammer, consistency, formatting
problems with the text.  Comments will be removed before it is turned over
to CCSDS for publication.


Peace and joy,


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