[Moims-dai] My latest attempt at OAIS Section 6 (SC#135)

Eld Zierau elzi at kb.dk
Mon Oct 8 14:00:45 UTC 2018

Thanks John
Although I am sorry to leave out the description of the denotation part, I can say that for my part I think you have done a good job. Just a few things:

*       You have left out the drawing with functional areas - as I understand the text it is part of the previous descriptions, is that correct? And are Felix and Mathias ok with this?
Maybe it should say in the introduction (just before section 6.1.1) that the categories do not necessarily exclude one another

*       The references to more examples (D13 and D14) are still there, - although I believe you wanted to take them out and make such references outside the reference manual

*       There are some minor details here and there - (a few places where I believe it should say functional entities instead of Functional Area, consistent spelling of OAISs/OAISes, typos etc.) but I can send these separately later
I will be in the meeting tomorrow

Best regards, Eld

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I've attached my latest attempt for obtaining consensus for Section 6.

We will discuss this at the next MOIMS-DAI telecon on Tuesday.  If you are interested in this topic and if possible, please plan to join us that day.  Also if possible you can send comments and suggested updates before the telecon.

This is the last outstanding Suggested Change for this round of OAIS update.  Once completed, we will generate a complete new draft to send around for Working Group review and comment and then submit for balloting by CCSDS and ISO.

The face-to-face meeting for our Working Group at the CCSDS technical meeting is just over a week away and we would like to discuss the final draft during that meeting.

In this version of Section 6, I've added back another of the Outer OAIS - Inner OAIS examples.  The examples appear as an example of the general Distributed Archive style discussed in Section 6.1.6.  I also removed some of the discussion of Inner OAIS only need to worry about bit preservation.  Overall encouraging the idea that any OAIS only needs to worry about bit preservation is contrary to what we are trying to do with the OAIS standard.  Too many "archives" already take that view.  Also, I've moved OAIS Section 6.2 Management issues for Federated Archives to the end of Section 6.1.3 Federated Archives

Peace and joy,
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