[Moims-dai] Will you telecon into DAI meeting?

Terry Longstreth terry.longstreth at comcast.net
Sun Oct 7 21:47:27 UTC 2018

Daylight savings in Berlin (and most of Europe) ends On October 28, 2018 
at 03:00 AM

  Currently, and for the meeting, they are 6hoursaheadofLaurel, 
Maryland. <https://www.worldtimeserver.com/current_time_in_US-MD.aspx>

So the earliest EDT Moims session - 1030 in Berlin, would be 0430 here.  
I probably won't Skype in to any of those sessions.
The afternoon sessions, 1330 there, would be 0730 here.  I'll try to 
make at least one of those.


On 2018-10-07 11:40 AM, Bruce Ambacher wrote:
> John,
> I also just noticed your dates are off by a day - i.e. Monday is the 
> 8th, not the 9th., etc.
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> Subject: [Moims-dai] Will you telecon into DAI meeting?
> Hi all,
> The DAI WG face to face meeting at the CCSDS Technical Plenary in 
> Berlin is just over a week away.  I look forward to seeing those of 
> you who are able to travel there. We’d also love to have input from 
> those who are only able to telecon in.
> I’ve attached a tentative schedule.
> We believe that we will be able to set up our normal DAI Skype calls 
> from the meeting site.  Feel free to connect at any time.  If you do 
> plan to participate remotely, please respond with the times when you 
> will be connecting so we can watch for you and ensure our end of the 
> Skype is already up.  Again, feel free to try to connect at any time.  
> But if you know ahead of time when you will be connecting and what you 
> would like to discuss at that time, please let us know.
> Peace and joy,
> -JOhn
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