[Moims-dai] Reminder of Skype call tomorrow (replaces the Webex call)

Eld Zierau elzi at kb.dk
Tue Oct 2 08:54:14 UTC 2018

I am afraid that I cannot attend today, as I have a hospital appointment with my son.
But next Tuesday, I will be able to, along with Michelle Lindlar, Nancy McGovern from MIT and Bertrand Caron from the French national Library.

I acknowledge the work you have done to try and rephrase things, but I think that the rewrite of the OO-IO part is missing the points - I do not mind the new introduction to the section 6 (although I have so far only have had time to skim it), - but I am not in favour of the rewrite of the OO-IO part (which also seems to be based on the version before the rewrite from the subgroup which is this: http://review.oais.info/attachment.cgi?id=42 and which was the version accepted before Mark Conrad's strong objections).

My view on this is that we should go back to the previously accepted version http://review.oais.info/attachment.cgi?id=42 adjusted to Mark Conrad's comments from the 7th of September in the following way:

*         The phrase about "Preservation Objectives that are not concerned with functional interpretation of the bits" is rephrased and referring to the Designated Community instead.
With the new introduction it should be clear that this is distribution, - and therefore for readers with knowledge of complexities in distribution.
The comments about OO-IO "being confusing at best" does not hold with the feedback from various presentations in the community. I have just returned from the iPRES conference on digital preservation, where I had the best long paper award for a paper that also builds on the OO-IO model. My presentation of the paper included the OO-IO model including recursive parts (and audience included NARA representatives). I only had very positive response, and no response indicating that it was confusing with the OO-IO model. From what I heard from other participants in the meetings that it seemed potential useful to them as well. All the above mentioned persons can report of the usefulness of the OO-IO terminology, - and if you think it is necessary, I am sure I can find more known digital preservation personalities that would like to participate in the next meeting and support this statement.

Best regards, Eld

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Sorry for this late contribution.
It seemed to some of us that Section 6 wasn't quite on the right track.  I  took a crack at reorganizing a bit and hopefully simplifying it.
I think it remains closer to the starting text from OAIS 2012, but also adds in some of the new concepts.
I've also eliminated some of more detailed, recursive OO-IO examples that I thought might be causing some of the disagreement.

I don't know if this will help, but I'm offering it as possibility.  We can discuss it on the telecon later today if others think it useful.

Peace and joy,

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Meeting: 10:00 Tuesday (EST) (1500 UK time, 1600 European time)

John has made a group on Skype for us to chat, share and collaborate.

Join it by clicking the link:


*Don't have Skype yet? Download it before you join https://www.skype.com

This is the last open issue we need to resolve to finalise the draft.

1)      http://review.oais.info/show_bug.cgi?id=135 (Outer OAIS - Inner OAIS model for Distributed digital preservation) was re-opened for further discussion.
As discussed 2 weeks ago at the MOIMS-DAI Skype call, I took the ideas I had previously circulated and have restructured the text in section 6 in order to clarify the relationship between the different arrangements of organisations described in this section, which was one of the main talking points in previous calls. See http://review.oais.info/attachment.cgi?id=50
You will see that it is mostly a rearrangement of text existing in the draft, with some additional "glue" to try to show the relationship between the different options.
I moved the text from the last subsection into an earlier subsection and replaced it with a brief discussion about Technical Issues about interoperability. It may be useful to expand that a little in order to link to the document Steve is preparing.
              Mark sent his comments on this proposed restructuring of section 6 on 25th Sept.

There was also an action on me to suggest a clarification about Representation Information, which I attach, and which I hope we can discuss.


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