[Moims-dai] No VSee just yet

Eld Zierau elzi at kb.dk
Tue Nov 27 14:49:51 UTC 2018

I will be waiting on Skype, please tell by mail if you use other options

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DAI WG colleagues:  We had trouble with Skype at the last telecon, and I suggested we try VSee for the next one.  However, in my investigations for initiating group calls, it seems that VSee can't support sending a link to initiate a call (though they're working on it).  Everyone would have to call one person on their own, and if that person isn't attending the call on any given week, I think it could be confusing.  So...  for this week we'll keep Skype and perhaps talk about another alternative.

   -=- Mike

Mike Kearney
Huntsville, Alabama, USA

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