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I am on mission this afternoon and cannot attend the discussion for OAIS. 
I am currently working at the  IPELTU annexes to be reviewed according to 
the schedule below.

2nd week of month:  IPELTU         Dec 11    Jan 8

Meanwhile, I forward you the latest update on CODATA, in relation to the 
discussion on Digital Object and Digital Object Interoperability we are 
currently assessing in the frame of Research Object and FAIR Principles.

See you, Rosemarie

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From:   Asha CODATA <asha at codata.org>
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Date:   27/11/2018 06:52
Subject:        [CODATA-international] RDA GEDE Webinar: Interoperability 
through Digital Objects and Digital Object Interface Protocol
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Date: 7.12. 2018 from 14.00-16.00
URL: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/177773245
Larry Lannom (Vice President CNRI, Virginia): What is it?
Dimitris Koureas (Head DISSCO Coordination Team): Why to do it?
Christophe Bianchi (Executive Director DONA Foundation): How to do it?
Between key actors who worked on the concept of Digital Objects within the 
Research Data Alliance, the Swiss DONA Foundation and on implementing the 
FAIR principles in the GOFAIR initiative there is agreement about the fact 
that Digital Objects [1] and the FAIR Principles [2] are steps towards 
convergence in the digital data domain and are complementary [3,4]. The 
concept of Digital Objects with its capacities of abstraction, of binding 
all relevant information together such that machines can find it and its 
potential for encapsulation [5] is a way to implement the basic FAIR 
recommendations and to facilitate the others. This has also been indicated 
in the recent report of EC's FAIR implementation expert group [6] and in a 
recent workshop in Brussels [7].
Assuming that the FAIR Principles are now widely known, in this webinar we 
want to present the concept of Digital Objects (DO), discuss it from a 
computer science and domain science perspective and present the DO 
Interface Protocol (DOIP) [8] which has the potential to establish 
interoperability between repositories of digital data independent of the 
way they are organising their data and which data model they are using. As 
surveys have shown these differences account for a large percentage of the 
inefficiencies and costs in data projects in research and industry. As is 
indicated in the diagram, the DOIP takes over a similar role as TCP/IP 
some decades ago and it has the potential to open a new phase of improved 
exploitation of the rich data collections we are gathering. DOIP will be 
free to use and free of charge to everyone, and it will create an 
interoperable data square which will not be owned by anyone as Internet is 
not owned by a particular institution or company - the infrastructure is 
simply there to be used. 
14.00 Welcome & Introduction
14.05 Larry Lannom: Digital Objects - Concept and Impact
14.25 Dimitris Koureas: Digital Objects - their potential for Data Science
14.45 Christophe Bianchi: DOIP V2.0 - Basic Specification Aspects
15.05 Open Discussion (Moderator: Peter Wittenburg)
This webinar will be recorded and available through the GEDE (Group of 
European Data Experts) web-site and it will be repeated in January 2019 to 
allow many to participate and ask questions.
More information about GEDE, the GEDE Digital Object Group and other GEDE 
activities can be found here: 
References to useful reading material:
[1] RDA DFT Core Terms and Model: 
http://hdl.handle.net/11304/5d760a3e-991d-11e5-9bb4- 2b0aad496318
[2] FAIR Principles: 
[3] P. Wittenburg & G. Strawn: Common Patterns in Revolutionary 
Infrastructures and Data; 
[4] E. Schultes & P. Wittenburg: FAIR Principles & Digital Objects: a 
Complementary Couple?!; to appear soon
[5] P. Wittenburg, G. Strawn, E. Schultes, B. Mons: Digital Objects as 
Drivers towards Convergence in Data; to appear soon
[6] EC FAIR Implementation Report: https://d2cloud.zbw.eu/f/278e29d739/
 [7] GEDE workshop on Digital Objects: 
[8] DOIPV2.0 Specification: 

Asha Law | Program Assistant, CODATA | http://www.codata.org

E-Mail: asha at codata.org
Tel (Office): +33 1 45 25 04 96

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Subject:        Re: [Moims-dai] Telecon reminder November 27
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Hello all,
Attached is an updated copy of David’s slides.  I added my comments in 
speakers notes.  Some of the same comments as Mark sent.
There were 2 comments on many/most of the slides. After a while I stopped 
adding these two.
    I thought we were changing shape of Producer, Consumer, Management to 
be rounded.
    I thought colors for function boxes were to match the color of the 
Functional Area as shown in figure A-1  (I added an earlier proposed 
version to the  powerpoint slides)
Perhaps we still want this, perhaps not.
A third comment on many of the slides was that I shifted label text to be 
closer to arrowheads.
Seemed at start that was the convention.  However when I got to later 
slides, it seemed the convention was just the opposite.
Many times it is hard to get everything in, but do we have an intention of 
the label text being near the arrowhead?
Peace and joy,
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Subject: Re: [Moims-dai] Telecon reminder November 27
Hello all,
Attached is a copy of David's slides with my comments. Looking forward to 
our discussion tomorrow. Hopefully, I will be able to connect!
Mark Conrad
NARA Information Services
Systems Engineering Division (IT)
The National Archives and Records Administration
Erma Ora Byrd Conference and Learning Center
Building 494, Room 225
610 State Route 956
Rocket Center, WV  26726

Phone: 304-726-7820
Fax: 304-726-7802
Email: mark.conrad at nara.gov 
On Fri, Nov 23, 2018 at 3:00 PM <garrett at his.com> wrote:
Hi all,
Just a quick remainder of our next DAI WG telecon and  about DAI telecon 
We agreed to our current schedule so we can make progress on all our 
1st week  of month:  ISO 16363       Dec 4      Jan 1? 
2nd week of month:  IPELTU         Dec 11    Jan 8
3rd week of month:  OAIS-IF  Architecture Dec 18   Jan 15
4th week of month:  OAIS                                             Nov 
27                    Jan 22
We really need to make progress on all of these documents.  So it is 
important for document editors to get information out at least a week 
before the scheduled discussion and it is also important for everyone else 
to review the materials in that week before the discussion.
Between scheduled telecons, It is also possible to do things via the 
mailing list or lists for editing teams if that is desirable.
We could also schedule additional telecons for an editing group if people 
wanted to do that. 
To prepare for the OAIS discussion this coming Tuesday, I would invite 
everyone to review the figures that David has updated to ensure they are 
correct and reflect the desired updates.
I believe David last sent them out to the group on November 4th.
Peace and joy,
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