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FYI. I thought that the topic, "Information governance maturity models:
relevant initiatives and case studies" might be of particular interest to
this group.

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Apologies for cross posting

‘Information governance and ethics: information opportunities and
challenges in a shifting world’

Records Management Journal - Themed issue call for papers

RMJ Editor: Dr Elizabeth Lomas, University College London. Email:
e.lomas at ucl.ac.uk

With Guest Editor: Professor Basma Makhlouf-Shabou, Geneva School of
Business Administration, University of Applied Sciences and Art western
Switzerland. Email: basma.makhlouf-shabou at hesge.ch

The Records Management Journal invites submissions for a themed issue
focused on the opportunities and challenges of information governance. We
welcome contributions about, but not limited to, the following themes:

•             Information governance policy, principles and main dimensions

•             Information governance actors, components and advanced tools

•             Information and risk management approaches, standards,
methods and tools

•             Information and information assets value and valorization
(information economics/Infonomics)

•             Information security, cyber security and warfare

•             Search, discovery and disclosure

•             Legislative liability, rights, ownership and ethics

•             Professional responsibilities, roles and skills in an
expanding information age

•             Artificial Intelligence and technological change/challenge

•             Challenging aspects of long term preservation

•             Information governance maturity models: relevant initiatives
and case studies

•             Considerations and particularities of Information governance
applied on different data contexts and typologies: medical data, research
data, public data, etc.

We are interested in different disciplinary perspectives from researchers,
academics and practitioners. Submissions can be viewpoints, critical
reviews, research, case studies or conceptual/philosophical papers.

Submission Deadlines

•             Extended abstracts (more info below): 18 June 2018

•             Abstracts accepted and authors notified no later than:  30
June 2018

•             Full paper submitted: 24 September 2018

•             Review, revision and final acceptance: 30 December 2018

The Records Management Journal applies article level publication, so within
approximately a month of acceptance the article will be available online.

Submission Process

Extended abstracts should be a 500 word version of the Records Management
Journal’s structured abstract, using the headings described in the author
guidelines http://www.emeraldgrouppublishing.com/products/journals/author_

Please note shorter opinion pieces and practitioner case studies (3,000
words) may also be submitted for this particular themed issue. Please
indicate in your abstract submission the intended length of your piece.

Under the design/methodology/approach heading, please include the following
as appropriate to the type of paper:

•             What is the approach to the topic if it is a theoretical or
conceptual paper? Briefly outline existing knowledge and the value added by
the paper compared to that.

•             What is the main research question and/or aim if it a
research paper? What is the research strategy and the main method(s) used?

•             If the paper is a case study outline its scope and nature and
the method of deriving conclusions.

•             If the paper is an opinion piece outline its focus and key
highlight points.

Please send your extended abstract to: e.lomas at ucl.ac.uk

Full papers (for accepted abstracts) should be 3000-8000 words (excluding
references) and should be prepared using the RMJ guidelines which can be
read here: http://emeraldgrouppublishing.com/products/journals/

and here:


Papers will be reviewed following the journal’s standard double-blind peer
review process.

Elizabeth Lomas (e.lomas at ucl.ac.uk) is also happy to receive informal

Kind regards,


Donald C. Force, PhD

Assistant Professor

School of Information Studies

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Office: NWQ 3495

Phone: (414) 229-2792
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