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Well said Mark. And I really appreciate the details on Fedora from Bruce and Eld.


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Lots of vendors/developers claim OAIS compliance. That's why we have ISO 16363 and ISO 16919 so that such claims can be put to the test. As Eld points out, Fedora is not an implementation. OAIS is about how an Archives implements a repository - what policies they implement, how they determine their Designated Community, how they design their Information Packages, etc. Many vendors/developers claim OAIS compliance for their products, but that is a non sequitur.

Hope this helps,


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Hi Mike

Although often misunderstood as such, Fedora is not an implementation, but a triple based platform to structure data (as RDF store). As they say in the headline of their home page https://duraspace.org/fedora/ "Fedora is the flexible, modular, open source repository platform with native linked data support". Taken it to the extreme, calling Fedora an implementation would for me be the same as calling "Oracle database" an implementation. There are many different repository frameworks (with different implementations) that are Fedora based, like Samvera (http://samvera.org/) and Islandora (https://islandora.ca/).

Best Regards, Eld

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DAI:  Does anyone have background on Fedora<https://duraspace.org/fedora/about/>?  Another implementation, but they claim a pretty strong connection to OAIS.  Have they ever participated in DAI?

I ask because my Google contacts are starting to connect with them.

   -=- Mike

Mike Kearney

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